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Pathways unlocks potential
Gerlinde Brixius, CC, ALB - September 05, 2018

When Toastmasters rolled out Pathways, it was promoted as a new way of learning. Instead of using paper manuals, members can use an online platform to prepare for speeches, and store all of their speech records.

Curious, I got started with the Assessment, the test that identifies out of 10 possible Pathways the best match for my goals. I felt attracted to a Path called DYNAMIC LEADERSHIP. But, the assessment suggested VISIONARY COMMUNICATION. I complied, got started and had a big surprise…..

For a while already, a desire had gotten hold of me to do something for the environment. For more pleasant urban spaces, for cleaner water, more trees… I knew I ought to do something – but I could not identify what, and even less how.

Enter Pathways. As I began reading through the Visionary Communicator Path, a road map appeared. The sequence of the assignments is structured in such a way that gradually, from the first speech to the last, an entire project gets accomplished.

Pathways turned out not only to be a tool for learning, but also a tool to unlock a road I wanted to take and could not see how. Similarly, Pathways surely can help unlock a business plan, ideas for paid work as a speaker, or a seminar series….whatever floats your boat...why not give it a try?

Log onto go to Pathways and surprise yourself !

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