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Shaping who we are as people
Gerlinde Brixius, CC, ALB - November 30, 2018

Guests at SEC Roughrider meetings can be very eloquent. From introducing themselves at the beginning of a meeting or sharing a comment at the end, it is clear that they are used to audiences. Why then, one may wonder, why then join the club and practice some more? For one, toastmaster meetings allow to identify, and to nail down a style, a style that works best for self, and for the audience. Formal evaluations and feedback from the audience makes us aware how we really communicate, how we really lead and how we are perceived by others. As a guest put it after a recent meeting: “I am impressed with your humanity”, she said. Yes, indeed, SEC Roughrider meetings not only help us with public speaking and leadership. In the process, we are also shaped who we are as people. That seems to me a very good reason, even for a seasoned speaker, to be part of Toastmasters. To explore more, head over to !

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