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What's your style saying about you?
Gerlinde Brixius, CC, ALB - January 07, 2019

Do you know your communication style? Could you describe your communication style to another person? And, going deeper: do you know why you have that particular style? As a toastmaster you are not only invited to speak! You are also asked to reflect on how you lead teams, mentor members and communicate with others. In Pathways it is requirement to identify our styles as basis for improvement and then speak about them to our groups. I loved to leadership, but resisted communication styles as a boring project. However, as soon as the challenge was accepted, my eyes opened wide. By working through the Pathways test, and then through a speech I realized that my present day communication style was rooted in a story from early childhood! I always remembered the story – but would never have connected it to how I communicate today. That awareness now allows leaps forward. So, my friend, do you know your communication style? And, do you know why you have it? If you are not sure – release resistance and log onto your Pathways now. You’re bound to love it - happy 2019!

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