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The value of a mentor
Gerlinde Brixius, CC, ALB - February 02, 2019

Arriving at Level 2 in Pathways, we find ourselves obliged to present a series of speeches on leadership themes. Speaking on leadership style, communication and mentorship sounded too boring. I want to use my precious speaking slots to tell stories ! Little did I know that, once I sat down with these topics, I uncovered some deep truths - about myself, and about how others have helped me grow. Working on the mentorship project had me think back of my beginnings at SEC Roughriders and how I would have bailed out for a third time (no kidding!), had I not been assigned a mentor, one that truly cared. I had the good fortune of becoming a protegee of Karol Ward, accomplished professional and prolific speaker. It was her quiet presence that got me off the ground and onto the calendar for the first Ice Breaker. It was her experience and knowledge of the toastmaster process that allowed for optimal pairing of speech topics with manual projects. And, it was her wisdom and unconditional commitment that opened me up to broadening my style from ‘safe’ informational speeches to more ‘risky’ story telling. In the end, the need to present a speech on mentorship made me aware of how the value of a mentor is not just knowledge, or experience. The true value of a mentor is their spirit that stays a companion for life. In my case, that transformed what might have become boring informational speeches on leadership topics into really good stories to remember!

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