SEC Roughriders Toastmasters
Natalia Sucha
Chief Executive Officer
Jorge Guano, DTM-PM
Vice President of Education
Chief meeting scheduler, expert on education awards & speech events
Serge Zenin
Vice President of Membership
Builds membership & inducts new members
Jackie Gordon, CC
Vice President Public Relations
Coordinates public relations and publicity programs
William Xie, CC,CL
Keeps clear & accurate records of club business
Bogumil Baranowski
Keeps clear & accurate financial records of club business
Dean Mencius
Sergeant at Arms
Maintains club properties, arranges the meeting
Denise Bolte, CTM
Vice President of Mentoring
Assigns & facilitates new mentor/mentee relations
Gerlinde Brixius, CC, ALB
Immediate Past President
Immediate Past President, Club Leadership mentor

April 17, 2019
Please plan to attend our extra special meeting on May 2nd. We will celebrate Robert Gedaliah...

April 4th SPECIAL MEETING - Speech Writing Workshop 103: Be Entertaining
March 10, 2019
Join us on April 4th, 2019 for a very exciting special meeting - Speech Writing Workship 103:...

Feb 21st SPECIAL MEETING: International Speech & Evaluation Contest Open House
February 15, 2019
Join us on Feb 21st for a special meeting dedicated to International Speech & Evaluation...

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